A youth documentary investigating the disappearance of a man who left behind more than just a mystery.

Over 40 years ago, Bas Jan Ader decided to go on an adventure. In a tiny sailing boat, the Dutchman left the United States and set sail for England. Nine months later, the boat was found adrift at sea. There was no sign of Ader. This story has always fascinated filmmaker Martijn Blekendaal. Not just because of the disappearance itself, but also for the mystery that surrounds it.Blekendaal embarks on an investigation that follows his footsteps to Hollywood. But The man who looked beyond the horizon is by no means the average investigative documentary. To understand why this man made his fateful journey, the filmmaker must first conquer his own fear, by looking beyond his own horizon. In a gripping sequence of images jumping from one time, place and person to another, Blekendaal shows how Bas Jan Ader has left behind something larger than just a mystery.