The impact campaign that supports this youth documentary aims to let youngsters creatively research their own truth. Art is a beautiful medium to inspire creative thinking. Art challenges you to think and view your surroundings differently. It is important for children to realise the potential that another viewpoint might offer. There are a variety of answers and truths.

Workshop programme
To encourage creative thinking in youngsters, a workshop programme has been developed for teachers. This creatively challenges students to explore their own truths and widen their horizon. A professional artist can also teach this workshop programme.

Artists Collective BIK has assembled the workshop programme. A number of schools, museums, libraries, cultural centres and festivals such as IDFA and Cinekid have agreed to use the programme. The workshop Media Wit teaches youngsters to critically look at images. The students will actively create as well. The workshop Film/Photography focuses on a theme from the documentary: ‘when you look differently, you’ll see different things’. Children will be asked to write their own storyline and create it in film. Creative thinking, combined with introspection.

Should you be interested in these workshops, please contact

Social media campaign
An essential part of the impact campaign is a direct approach of youngsters via social media, Whatsapp and the website. We want to attract children to the film outside the classrooms, by challenging them to think about what might have happened to Bas Jan Ader and what their own horizon looks like.

Sign up for the Whatsapp campaign via: +31647617190.